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The Stories

Last updated 24th November 2010.

The following are a few of the stories I’ve had going round in my head for many a while. They are a pretty mixed bag really, ranging from patricide to zoomorphism. Some are set in the fifties and early sixties, some later. The tales, though fictional are mostly informed by memories of incidences passed, but never forgotten.

I dedicate these tales to the memory of my father Thomas Wood Brown, who almost alone taught me to read and write, and breathed in me a lifelong passion for the written word. I would like to think that he would have enjoyed these stories, as much as he obviously enjoyed reading my English homework – I hope they amuse you too.

JWB July 2009

A few of my stories have been posted, and commented on, on The Shortbread short stories site. If you enjoy short stories, there are many here, by different authors, for you to choose from.

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