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Prescriptions for Survival & Prosperity In A Post-Economic Meltdown Britain

These pages are a work-in-progress. Expect more to come reasonably frequently
Last updated: 1st March 2010

Let’s cut straight to the chase – this page and its’ siblings are about recycling. No, not simply separating out your rubbish into 2 (or more) different bins for collection, but actively re-using/modifying your would-be trash to create something useful. I’m not going to discuss rules – they have no place here, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Make some space available in your house/garage/garden shed, to store ‘collectables’.
  • Collectables are anything that you consider re-usable. One of my tests is if when I’m about to discard an item, and think: ‘What a shame to throw this out’.
  • Favourite collectables of mine are containers which are replenished (free) on a regular basis. Even if you have no immediate use, put them in your collectables store.

There are other websites for metal bashers and the like – such as the instructables site, but these don’t have a close focus on re-use.

Well that’s enough introduction for now. We all learn better and quicker through doing, so go for it. Choose a project from the menu below:

I’d like to hear from you. Comments are enabled on this page, but may not be on some other posts currently. You can always send me an email. (My email address is displayed as a GIF image at the top of the right-hand sidebar) Privacy is respected, & guaranteed. If you would like your email posted, then please say so, and submit to me as HTML where possible. Articles on the theme of this page are most welcome.

Joe 01 May 2009

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