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Updated 23rd November 2010.
Due to ongoing technical problems which have not yet been fully resolved. The performance of is below what I consider an acceptable standard. I have set up a mirror for the posts that appear here at:
So if you are experiencing loading problems, try the above URL out.

This is the personal website/blog of Joe Brown. My website at was originally intended to document Electronic and Musical Instrument projects – PIC Microcontrollers in particular, but all other kinds of floobydust seems to have gathered there, with the result that it’s a very ‘busy’ site. So I thought that from now on, anything that didn’t really fit into the original scope of should live here. As a result you may see duplication of some categories in both sites as I proceed. If you haven’t already had a look at – please do, there may be something of interest for you.
As with, this site is not-for-profit, there are no in-your-face adverts and no pop-ups. Across the site I may provide references to original material and I will generally include a source where the original can be bought – usually from Amazon. These links can generate funds, and any funds thus generated will be donated to Dr. Barnados Childrens Charity.

I have a number of (very) short stories which I am currently converting to electronic text, (PDF) and these form a growing collection here. Please note that these are stories – any resemblence of characters in the stories to actual persons living or dead is purely co-incidental. Note also that some of these tales contain explicit sexual references. Those that do have a warning on the page. If you are easily offended, then please don’t read those so marked.

A word about comments – I’ve recently installed the WP Plugin WP-Spam-Free, and since activating this, the annoying comment-spam has ceased. Although there are some pages which I’d rather not carry comments on, mostly my posts have comments allowed. Of course if you really wish to, you could still send me an email to the address at the top of the right side-bar. If you mark your email as private, then I will treat it as such, if you mark it ‘public’ I will endeavour to include your comment in an update of the post. Naturally I reserve the right to decline publication, but this will only happen if I regard the email as abusive or likely to offend. I will not pass on your email address to anyone else, and I won’t contact you unless there’s a good reason, or you wish me to.

JWB Saturday 6th July 2009

Joe Brown
Joe Brown

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