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My Photos

The following list is incomplete, but will be updated as time permits.

Gallery Album Comments
Worth A Thousand Words Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom Tongue-in-cheek
DIY Shitpile (6th June 2010) The workshop – SNAFU!
Agfa DC-2030 Camera Review First Pics 1st pics taken with discounted Agfa DC-230 from Tesco
Photos of the surrounding area Tynemouth & North Shields Fish Quay Jan 18th 2010 A cold, but sunny day at the coast.
Tynemouth Longsands Jan 4th 2010 Snow, Ice and Sand. Who could ask for anything more?
Snow In Cullercoats New Year’s Day 2010 – After our 1st real snow this winter.
Cullercoats Sea Front – New Year’s Day 2010 What a monochrome afternoon!
Whitley Bay & Seaton Sluice – late summer Shot early in the day, light was spectacular.
Cullercoats 27th July 2009 Views of sea front.
Tynemouth 27th Jan 2010 Views of Priory from South.
More Snow in Cullercoats Jan 30th 2010 Views of snow ‘cake’ in back garden and shots of sea front.
Low Spring Tide In Cullercoats (4th March 2010) Views of exposed rocks on sea front.
The Great Unwashed Visit Cullercoats (6th June 2010) Cullercoats beach and harbour.
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