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TransChord ™

Quick and Easy Chord Transposition of Chord Symbols in text files.

Yes, I know it’s relatively easy to work out how far up or down, is needed to match a chord sequence to the range of your voice. But it still involves scribbling the transposed chords onto the printed song.
This free utility takes your song as a text file, lets you transpose up/down by up to 11 semitones, and save the result. It also allows editing the result should you wish, before saving.

TransChord Screen Image

TransChord Screen Image

This is the 1st version of the program. Enhancements will be added from time to time.
The executable (for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 only) can be downloaded from the link below.
A selection of song files, together with chords, for you to try with the utility are also given in the table.

TransChord Executable (setup.exe/msi in zip file)
The Bonny Swans bonnyswans.txt
Crying In The Rain cryingintherain.txt
Falling falling.txt
Je Sais Pas jesaispas.txt
Ned On The Hill nedonthehill.txt
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