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The UK Pisspot Agency

What a f**king shambles.

  • An online application for Passport renewal submittal, that doesn’t then hand out login details for later tracking.
  • The requirement to send old passport via snail-mail across the world, with no acknowledgement whatsoever that this has arrived safely – despite them knowing the applicants email address.
  • Further enquiries result in an email from SOMEBODY at – which certainly ISN’T the UK Passport Agency, but in fact a private company.

I submitted my request and posted my old passport on 15th May – I have no way of telling if they received my old passport safely, and I’ve been obliged to provide confidential details to some company I’ve never heard of.

I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that the UK Government doesn’t seem to give a tuppenny f**k about those UK citizens abroad, when all indications are that they don’t care too much about those unfortunates still living in ‘Great’ Britain.

More later – but don’t hold your breath.

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