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The Occasional Diarist – 30 May 2009

Strictly For The Birds?

Another difficult night following another difficult day. Parts of yesterday were confusing as I spent odd moments puzzling over jobs that I’m convinced I’d started, before coming to the conclusion that in fact I hadn’t started them, only to start doubting if this conclusion was indeed the correct one. In fact I can’t remember much of yesterday at all – I’m sure I did do something, it’s just I haven’t stumbled on any evidence of my efforts yet.
Difficulty getting to sleep led to just 3 hours of semi-wakedness, and in that half-dream, half-awake state I hate so much, the delusional state from the previous day just seemed to continue, until at 5:15am when I got up to a lovely sunny day.
I threw the back door open and put out some bread for the Blackbirds. Again this year there have been 2 nesting pairs in the ivy hedge – one nest only 2 feet away from the window beside the sink where I wash up. These blackbirds, or their descendents have been nesting in this hedge since the late eighties, and their yearly visit here cheers me with their familiarity. One of the males acts as if he knows me, and will boldly perch on a garden chair back only a few feet away from me, and cock his head from side-to-side while looking at me quizzically.

After breafasting watching the birds, I tackled the mess the family of gibbons had left -again, and was out and into Tesco at 6:45am.

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