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Atlas Cuatro de Puerto Rico Review

Today I added the following review to the Amazon Page detailing the Atlas Cuatro de Puerto Rico at:

“This item comes well-packed and includes a soft gig-bag. First impressions are good build quality, with minor finishing blemishes. Very pretty to look at.
After letting the instrument warm to room temperature, I tuned it up – then spent some time deliberating on whether the cuatro had been properly strung, as although the treble course of the low ‘B’ string was uppermost, the treble course of the ‘E’ string was downmost. This meant that the treble ‘E’ didn’t receive as much power from my picking, so I unstrung and reversed the position of this course of strings.

After adjusting the bridge position to correct slight intonality, the instrument sounds absolutely superb, with a variety of expression available from sweet clear single notes, to a lovely jangly phased sound when picked vigorously.

Because the instrument is tuned similarly to the Guitar, I was able to work out some chords quickly. In fact, I spent the rest of the afternoon, and most of the evening getting to know it better.

For those guitarists who are like me and have largish fingers, but want to achieve mandolin-type sounds, this is ideal, with a nice wide fingerboard and softish action.

I am happy to recommend this instrument. It represents good value for money and an excellent introduction to a very different, very individual instrument.”

Photos: I’ve posted 8 med-resolution/downloadable photos of the instrument here:

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