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Who would run a website? Self-serving Server Farms, Stats & a plaudit.

Recent re-vamping of my PC desktop meant I had got rid of most of my easy-lookup logons, including the ones for my website hoster
Earlier on this year again experienced severe problems with their servers, but instead of ‘fessing up when I complained about the terrible service over a period of weeks, suggested all sorts of changes I should make to my website and blogs. I resisted these invitations and made preparation to dump in the event things didn’t get better. They did, and although I have not changed ANYTHING, all of the problems have gone away.

I hate being lied to. It insults my intelligence. have had their last chance with me, and the very next time I’m told porkies by them, instead of them admitting the truth, I will dump them.

This morning I checked up one.coms stats for my two sites and and was pleasantly surprised, for despite showing a distinct dip when the access problems manifested themselves, the trend for both sites is relentlessly up.

From the start of the year, grossed 1.791094 million hits to date, with 237,789 in October alone, and grossed 784,081 hits to date, with 125,036 in October alone.

Once again, the USB PIC development on proved the most popular, and since I published the source-code for my DROJO (PIC-based Digital Read-out for Mills and Lathes), this too, has proved popular.

The wider range of subjects on makes for a mixed-bag in the popularity stakes, with the SFBV (Songs For Broken Voices) proving the most popular, but closely followed by the Guitar pick-up, MIDI controller and skirmishes with rogue debt-collectors making a rough joint second-place.

As much better health still persists, at last I am managing to clear up the backlog of half-finished projects, and these will be published as they are cased-up and completed. Meanwhile I am delighted that so many people have found, and still find, both the Blog and sites of interest to them – thanks to everyone.

Now for something completely different. I was going to do a separate post on the next subject, but here is as convenient a place as any.

You will not find very many external links on my site. I especially avoid long lists of these, as when trying to navigate these on other websites, inevitably I find most of them broken. I don’t blame the site-owners particularly, as I feel they should be notified, as a courtesy, when someone closes a site or deletes a document. It is easy to obtain, and keep current a list of referrers, so there really isn’t an excuse.

As a result of the above, I don’t usually carry plaudits to many other sites, other than my suppliers, but yesterday I came across two education-related websites that I believe deserve a mention. I refer to both TEP and MUTR.

TEP is the website of the Technology Enhancement Programme and

MUTR the commercial website, both of which are part of

Middlesex University Teaching Resources

I am greatly impressed at both the very wide range of subjects covered by TEP, and also the logistic support, in terms of reasonably-priced resource material provided on the MUTR site. If you, or your children are ever bored, let me tell you that you have no excuse. These websites together will enable you to dabble at length in practically any technology you can mention – all at a reasonable price.
Below, I’ve listed the sidebar menu from the MUTR site. There is simply LOADS to look at, worth at least an hour of browsing. So take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

New Products
Motors / Gearboxes
Batteries/Power Supplies
Cables and Accessories
Electronic Components
Optical Components
Clocks/Electronic Modules
Rockets, Cars and Planes
Science Resources
SEP Publications
Smart Materials
Modern Materials
Traditional Materials
Teaching Packs
Primary Technology
Toys and Gadgets
Office / Home Supplies
Retail Kits
Special Offers


Now. Dare I say it? Please notify me of any broken links!

Copy the code below to your web site.
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