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Svetlana – 5: Lovers

I was wakened by a fluttering on my lips. I opened my eyes. The sun streamed in the window, and her face was over me, her lips gently brushing mine. The blonde curls fell forward over my face, and I opened my mouth and kissed her. She gave a little laugh.

This is the fifth chapter in my serialized story. You may wish to read the previous chapter 1st: Svetlana – 4: The Memory Girl.
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This story tells of a man who has adopted a life of helping homeless and vulnerable girls, and of waging a dark and ruthless private war on the human traffickers and criminals who prey on them. His chance encounter with a young Serbian woman, and his experience of her growing unconditional love for him, reveal to him that emotionally, he is as broken and beaten as the girls he is trying to help.

Warning: The story contains adult subject matter, several explicit scenes of an intimate sexual nature, descriptions of human jeopardy, and is not suitable for minors, or those who are easily offended.

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The Carlson Imperative
Book 1: Svetlana Curuvija
© 2010 J.W.Brown

Chapter 5: Lovers

I was wakened by a fluttering on my lips. I opened my eyes. The sun streamed in the window, and her face was over me, her lips gently brushing mine. The blonde curls fell forward over my face, and I opened my mouth and kissed her. She gave a little laugh.
“I wake you?”
“You know you did.” I laughed
She kissed me again. “I love you.”
Her right hand caressed my ear and neck.
“And I love you.”
We kissed again, our lips hard together. Her tongue danced along the inside of my lips. She moved over to lie on top of me, then sitting up, removed her slip. She had already removed her panties because I could feel her silky intimacy as she sat on me.
She leaned forward and took my head in both hands. Her face close and beautiful before mine. She whispered in her native tongue.
“I feel you. I feel you want me. No more waiting?”
I answered. “I want you Svetlana. I love you.”

She reached down with her hand and eased me inside her. I gasped. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming immediately. She sat up and started moving slowly and rhythmically up and down me. As she moved, she watched me intensely, and as if reading my every feeling, brought me close, so close, as she controlled the contractions in her vagina, only to keep me waiting just that little way away. I ran my hands up the sides of her body and over her beautiful breasts, taking the nipples between my finger and thumbs and kneading them gently. She squirmed a little, and her head went back.

We moved together now, my arms in a frenzy of caresses over her back and sides, and there began a low rattle in her throat that turned first of all into a growl, then moaning and finally short screams, before subsiding back into a growl. Over and over, as her body shook with each contraction, she screamed. Finally, her moans were interposed with shouted words of love for me, as she looked down at me through her curls with eyes glazed with emotion. The last waves of her orgasm racked her body and she arched back and shook uncontrollably. I let myself go, sitting up and burying my face between her breasts as I screamed.
We sat, locked in each other and rocked slightly, then she kissed me gently and we lay by each other’s side.

I knew I would never be the same again. As if reading my mind she said quietly in Serbian “No man has ever made me feel that way.”
I answered “And no woman, me.”
“Now you believe that I said we made for each other?”
I nodded “I do.”
We cuddled and kissed tenderly. Eventually, remembering we had another busy day ahead, I asked “Breakfast?”
“Yes plis, I’m hungry.”
I grinned at her. “Good, lets get up then, and eat straight away. You can bathe after breakfast.”

I left her and went to my room for my bathrobe. She was filling the kettle in the dining area, where I joined her, and together we prepared breakfast. I cooked us bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast as she set the table with the crockery and juices.
As we sat opposite each other eating, there was a wonderful feeling of calm and togetherness between us. She rarely took her eyes off me, and it seemed, neither mine from her. Despite knowing what we still had to go through, I’d never felt as happy in 3 years.

While she bathed, I cleared away the breakfast mess, and was about to load the dishwasher when the ‘phone rang.
“Good morning Joe. I hope I didn’t wake you?”
I laughed. “Good morning Katya – even if you had, your beautiful voice would be as a soft caress to my ears.”
She laughed loudly at my banter, then continued a little more soberly.
“I’ve completed my transcription of yesterday’s conversations. I know that urgency was required so I’ve emailed everything to you, including an MP3 file of the recording.”
“Katya! You must have been up half the night. I’m so grateful.”
“Just find the little girl Joe – that will be thanks enough.”
I told her of my experiment with the photograph the evening before, which confirmed her beliefs regarding Svetlana’s memory.
“I thought as much.” Katya said “Her application of her gift, together with her artistic talent, borders on that of the savant.”
I agreed with her. “Yes, I thought that too. But I will be contacting Millicent this morning and asking her advice, as you suggested.”
“Good. Her well-being is paramount.”

We said our goodbyes, and I resisted the temptation to open her email and delve into her transcription, and continued the washing-up.
The ‘phone ran again. The message was terse and to the point.
“Linton here. Essential that we talk. Your place at one?”
I answered “That will be fine.”
I heard him hang up. Good, a result I thought, and although he had said very little, the words, as always were carefully chosen. This together with the early meeting, meant he took the matter very seriously, and wanted involvement.

I didn’t put the ‘phone down. I cleared the line and rang Millicent Courtney’s number.
“Mr. Carlson? Is this my early morning call?”
I laughed “Yes, Miss Courtney, and I can only apologise for not being there in person.”
She giggled. “Probably just as well that you aren’t.”
Despite knowing her for a long while, I was mildly shocked, but I laughed. “’Tis my eternal loss. But I still beg favour from you.”
“Ask away Mr. Carlson.”
I explained Katya’s findings regarding Svetlana’s memory, and described my test of her memory to Millicent.
“We are concerned that any forensic probing, especially that of asking her to physically identify locations, may trigger serious stress.”
“You are right to be careful Joe, it will be important that she remains totally in control of where you’re asking her to re-visit. However my impression of her is that although these images will present themselves to her as a very strong stimulus, it would be easy for us to over-react, and be over-protective. After all, you need the images to have a reaction for your investigation. I believe that you and your staff will be be able to cope adequately with the inevitable short explosion when it happens.”

She had used my first name. I was flattered. I thanked her and agreed. “Yes, OK – and do you mind if I call you Millicent?”
She laughed gently. “Please do, as long as you continue with ‘Miss Courtney’ when you’re teasing me.”
“Why Miss Courtney, tease you? My protests of love are straight from my heart, trusty and true.”
Again her laughter tinkled down the ‘phone.
“Thanks for making a dull world that little bit lighter Joe. I’ll call with the test results sometime tomorrow. Anything else?”
“Just to thank you for not just being a truly excellent Doctor, Millicent, but also a damn good friend.”
“You” she said quietly, then paused before continuing “will always have my friendship.”
She said “Bye.” quietly and hung up.
“Wow” I thought as I replaced the receiver. “Still waters do run deep.”

I made another pot of coffee, and listened to Svetlana’s singing, while I downed a cup. Resisting again the strong temptation to read Katya’s words, I went to Svetlana’s room and knocked.
“Plis to come.”
She stood with nothing on but a slip, and in front of her spread out on the bed, were the dresses and skirts bought yesterday.
She beamed at me. “They all lovely. You choose for me?”
I laughed and kissed her, then looking down at the clothes I said “Whatever you choose, you will be ravishing”
She cocked her head sideways and smiled quizzically
I repeated my sentence in her own tongue, and she grinned and kissed me again.
“I’m going out to the hotel next door, to send someone for your prescription. I won’t be long. Will you be OK?”
“I am fine, not worry, but choose dress.”

I left her, and picking up the prescription wandered next door and found Soames behind his reception desk.
“Hi Alec. I’ve a favour to ask. Could your boy get a prescription for one of the girls filled for me?”
“Morning Joe. No problem” He picked up his telephone, and a few seconds later his ‘boy’ appeared. I gave him the script and some money. The boy left and I turned to Soames.
“How’s business?”
He shook his head.
“As good as that?” I said lifting my eyebrows. In spite of his obvious unhappiness he grinned ruefully.
“If I could get out now, and just keep the mews flat, I would.” he said flatly. “But with things as they are?” He shook his head.

“You may think this impertinent of me,” I began, “but what if I said go and get 3 estimates of the hotel’s value, and I’ll buy it from you at the greater of either the average valuation or what you owe, plus sufficient for you to own the mews flat outright, together with a little unofficial spending money?”
He was stunned, so I continued. “That way, Stella and yourself can go on living here in the part of London you both love, in your own flat, without any of the hassle you have currently, and with enough to retire gracefully on.”
I waited. He looked at me. “You mean this don’t you Joe?”
“I do Alec. But my motives aren’t all altruistic. We’re full to bursting, and none of us want to move. Making your hotel an annexe to the Refuge would be an ideal solution for us. Maybe it would for you to. Will you think about it?”
He smiled and nodded. “I will. I’ve been scratching my head for months.”
“Discuss it with Stella. Take your time. If you want to go ahead, come around and see me.”
I offered my hand. He took it in a vice-like grip I wouldn’t have credited him with, and shook mine vigorously.
“I’ll do that Joe.”
We nodded and I left. I knew he would send the boy around with the medicine as soon as he got back.

I re-entered my basement. Svetlana stood holding a large glass of juice, but put it down and gave a little swirl.
“Do you like what we choose?”
She stood in another full, bouncy skirt, lightly embroidered in blue, and a matching silk blouse. Tied around her waist was a blue belt, and the powder-blue shoes graced her feet.
I walked over to her and held both her hands. “You are so beautiful, it would not matter what you wore. But, these clothes are lovely, almost as lovely as you.”
I knew she didn’t get most of my English, so I repeated it in Serbian, and she beamed at me.
“Zee shows me clothes I never thought I would like, but they are so beautiful.”

Suddenly I felt we had to get away. She deserved to walk in the light in the lovely clothes, and the thoughts of my intended reading of her account oppressed me, as although Katya had hinted as much, I was afraid of just how dark and horrid Svetlana’s life had been during the last few months.
“Would you like to walk in the park?”
Her face lit up. “Yes plis. It is close?”
“Very” I said, “only 5 minutes walk”.

We left, and walked down to Lancaster Gate and into the park. Svetlana had never been in Hyde Park before, so we had a slow parade around. She held my hand the whole way, but the occasional strangers over-enthusiastic stares clearly affected her and she gripped my hand harder.
At one point I said quietly in Serbian “These young men will not hurt you, but simply cannot stop themselves from admiring your beauty. Don’t be afraid. If there is any danger, I will see it and you will come to no harm.”
After that she relaxed slightly. She drew the admiring looks of young women also, and was happy to return their smiles.

We followed the path around The Serpentine, and stopped to watch the children feeding the birds. Svetlana’s eyes were everywhere, and I paused to wonder at how different the world must look to her, as there was no doubt she saw far more of it than I did, or anyone else had that I’d ever met.

I looked at my watch. “We need to get back Svetlana. I have some reading to do and an important meeting at one o’clock.”
She smiled and nodded, but I could see her disappointment. She would have walked around the park all morning.
“I’m sorry,” I said, “but it has to be done. Perhaps you’d like to go up to the day room and talk to the girls, and I’ll join you for lunch at about 1:15pm?”
She squeezed my hand. “You not be sorry, I am sorry for miserable face, when I know what things you do are to help Katrina.”
I gave a little laugh, and we cuddled and kissed.

We walked back to the house, and she gave a little wave to me as my lift door closed, and I prayed that she wouldn’t get lost. Then I turned with heavy heart to the PC and printed out Katya’s transcription.

Several times I had to stop reading, but I fortified myself with strong coffee and continued. When I’d finished reading I listened to the MP3 of the original recording, and referred to Katya’s notes. Finally I sat back in my chair and relaxed. It was horrendous, but it was done. Often I’d had to read similar very-disturbing material, but in this case the tortured girl was my lover, and I waited for the anger, anguish and all of the other emotions to wash over and out of me before finally printing off three more copies of the transcription.

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Book 1 of The Carlson Imperative is now available as a PDF download here: The Carlson Imperative – Book 1

The Carlson Imperative is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between characters in the story, and real persons, either living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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