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DWP give Atos Origin access to your Health Records without asking you.

Lets get things straight. Atos Origin are an American-based IT-services company. Their record is no better than anyone else’s in respect of their observing the privacy of such records – mind you, probably not as bad as the Government themselves, who tend to leave copies everywhere for anyone to find.

I myself was unaware that my medical records were being farmed out by the DWP, and despite their bluster, if you wish it not to be so, they are obliged by law to maintain the privacy of your records. This effectively stops Atos Origin having any background material on your health condition whatsoever. Probably just as well because a large number of their ‘assessments’ are not carried out by a doctor anyway.

To ensure that the DWP cannot distribute your medical information in this way you should expressly forbid them from doing so. Your right to refusal is enshrined in the Act of Parliament ‘Access to Medical Records Act 1988‘ which makes provision for your refusal to give consent to Atos Origin to request medical information from your doctor or hospital specialist.

The above highlights the position that both patient and doctor have been put in by the DWP (and Government). Instead of taking your doctor’s words on your medical certificate that you are unfit for work, the DWP totally ignore this, and insist on you being examined by a person who is not medically qualified, taking a very narrow criteria for judging you fit or unfit. My reaction would be to politely tell them to piss off, and insist on being examined (if at all) by a fully-qualified medical practitioner who has some expertise in the ailment or ailments from which you suffer. Also insist on seeing the qualifications of such a person.

Also there is a powerful argument for withholding your permission for your records to be entered into the national NHS database. Why? Yes, you’ve guessed. One of the implementation partners on this ‘venture’ are Atos Origin. Need I say more?

If you are being pestered by either the DWP or Atos Origin to fill in an IB50 form. First of all, check the DWP’s assumptions. They have highjacked the word ‘benefit’ and turned it into a synonym for stealing taxpayers hard-earned cash. They make broad assertions on the IB50 form that may or may not be true. Don’t be frightened by their bluster and bullshit. Calmly check the facts first.
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6 comments to DWP give Atos Origin access to your Health Records without asking you.

  • phil kersey-smith

    Many thanks for this information its absolutley brilliant these are things i never knew its good for myself and my wife who has just been informed that she has to attend a medical this morning i have found out many things thsi morning but this is the best information yet again many thanks.
    Phil Kersey-Smith

  • admin

    I think it’s worth pointing out that there is a current discussion on the BBC Ouch message boards, regarding the fornication by the DWP with Atos Origin. Since there is a ping-back to this post from that board, I’d like to point other interested parties there also. See this very relevant post by ‘hossylass’ here:

  • Dean

    I had my daughters fill in the interrogation forms, unfortunately they ticked the box allowing access to medical records and gave both my home & mobile number on the forms. since then I have had more calls from withheld, international or other numbers than before they got hold of my home number.
    The HCP said my back problem was all in my mind, but in the 90’s an x-ray after three epidural injections in my lower back last one failed to relieve the pain, that is when the x-ray was done, that is when the back specialist told me that I had fused discs in the lower spine, I would so much have loved to have had a copy of that x-ray with me to shove in the HCPs face.

    In my opinion the ATOS HCPs see what they want to, they are only interested in what will keep the points award low or at zero

  • Hi,
    I am currently in a battle with Atos Healthcare, I have demanded that I am able to tape-record their medical session you can see my case so far at where there has been 1012 hits so far.

    I have produced an outline template letter to read out to the healthcare worker as soon as you turn on the tape recorder it can be located at

    The selected area of this text must be read out in full as it establishes that they doctor has a right to work legally in this country and a license issued by the BNI and in the case of disabled claimants is suitably qualified to conduct medical examinations for DWP assessments.

    It also holds the medical practitioner liable for anything that goes wrong at the examination in the first instance and then jointly Atos Healthcare and the DWP in the second.

    There is a high probability that Atos will not allow the medical examination to go ahead and refer your case beck to the DWP assessors. This presents a legal problem for them because they cannot make a decision without a legitimate independent medical examination.

    My next stage if this happens is an immediate appeal on the grounds that I have not been medically examined by an independent assessor.

    Even if this fails, the DWP work programme can be challenged under C105 Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 and the Unfree labour includes all forms of slavery as well as all other related institutions both which can be found in this forum

    The overall deciding factor for the Government, the DWP and Atos Healthcare is the amount of people using these procedures and forms to defend their cases. So it is vitally important that you and others pass this information on to as many people as possible.

    Kind regards

    Stephan Toth admin Consumer Defence League

  • Stephen Lewis


    I’m ambivalent over the issue of Atos assessments on behalf of the DWP but…

    “Lets get things straight. Atos Origin are an American-based IT-services company” Utter rubbish. Atos are a French-based IT services company centred in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany

    I learn’t that from the front page of the “About Us” section of their website – they have vitually no presence in the States

    If this is the depth of your research what credibility the remainder of your advice?

    S. Lewis

    Answer from Joe.

    This is so typical of the nit-picking taking place on forums by people like you with nothing better to do. ATOS’s philosophy is totally American – a fact, not an opinion. I suggest you concern yourself with the real issues instead of wasting your time with peripheral detail.

  • Stephen Lewis

    Aah … I not you choose to insult me rather than apologise for an error.


    Answer from Joe.

    Stephen, I didn’t insult you. I could have used your expression ‘utter rubbish’, about what you have said, but I chose not to. ATOS are well-established in the States, and the mindset and philosophy of how they work is wholly American, hence my opening statement. What I write on my Blog is up to me, and this particular article was intended to raise awareness of the relentless take-over of government services by shoddy sharp-practising multi-nationals.

    If you don’t like what, or how I write, that’s fine. I have published your comment without editing it, and other’s can make up their own minds.


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