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Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are

The following is a copy of my letter to Mr. Origin today:

My Street
My Town
Tyne & Wear

14th September 2010

Ref: YL — – — -
Date 5th August 2010

Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are,

Stop wasting my time and taxpayers resources by sending me letters exhorting me to fill in the IB50 questionnaire. I’m not going to fill it in.

Further, any more attempts by you to coerce or bully me into filling in this ridiculous piece of bullshit will be regarded as harassment, and I will be reporting you to the relevant Ombudsman.

I have established with the DWP that first of all, I don’t need to fill in the form, and secondly I won’t lose any money by not doing so.

So why am I being threatened that I could lose money if I don’t fill it in?

I take a pretty dim view of being threatened in this way and in future I advise that you check the relevance of your threats before sending me any more material of this nature. I assure you that if you fail to comply with my request, I will have no hesitation in taking the matter further.

One further thing. If you choose to write to me again, at least do me the courtesy of signing the letter. I am simply not going to accept that it’s ‘the computer’s fault’ should I receive unsigned letters in future. Such unsigned letters will be returned to you at your expense, and the relevant authority informed.

Sincerely Yours,

J.W. Brown

By the way, you may be quite sloppy in the way you address places in London, but here we tend to favour use of the correct name of where we live, It is NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, not simply NEWCASTLE, as you have put on your letter below.

Now for some mis-direction by Mr. Origin.

Take a look at the paragraph in the scanned document below titled: ‘If you want help filling in this form’

In that paragraph, if you are having trouble filling in the form, you are advised to, amongst other options ‘get in touch with the office that deals with your claim’. It goes on to say ‘Sometimes they will be able to fill the form in for you.’

Yesterday, when I spoke to the DWP employee at my local Jobcentre, without me asking for any help with filling in the form he remarked:
Because of the nature of the form, we cannot help you fill it in. You must go to a Citizens Advice Bureaux or a friend.

Quite apart from giving conflicting advice, government agencies are now relying on charities and the like to do their inane mindless form-filling for them.

Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are

Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are

If you are being pestered by either the DWP or Atos Origin to fill in an IB50 form. First of all, check the DWP’s assumptions. They have highjacked the word ‘benefit’ and turned it into a synonym for stealing taxpayers hard-earned cash. They make broad assertions on the IB50 form that may or may not be true. Don’t be frightened by their bluster and bullshit. Calmly check the facts first.
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