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IB50 – Big Brother Bombast or Bureaucratic Bullshit?

Warning by HM Government. This form can seriously damage your health.

DWP Threaten you could lose money by not completing IB50 form – even when this is patently NOT TRUE

Read transcription of my telephone call with DWP employee yesterday

Question/Answers to DWP employee on telephone at local Jobcentre.

Q1. Why have I been sent this IB50 form?
A. To assess your incapacity for work.

Q2. Why would you want to do that?
A. Because you are receiving benefit.

Q3. Am I? Can you tell me what benefit I am receiving?
A. Just one moment. I need to access your records.
I need to ask you some security questions.
What is the name of your doctor? [give him name]
What is the address of your doctor? [give him address]
What day do you receive your benefit? [Ask me another question. We still haven't established if indeed I am receiving benefit]
Oh. Well what is your postcode? [give him postcode]
Right. Oh. You aren’t receiving benefit.

Q4. OK. Moving back to my second question again
Why would you want to assess my incapacity for work?

A. Ah. I see you are getting National Insurance credits.

Q5. So that is why I’ve been sent the form?
A. Yes, but you don’t need to claim these credits, as a person
between the age of 60 and 65 who is not working, these will be credited
automatically anyway.

Q6. So why should I fill in the form?
A Well, you don’t need to. As I said, NI is credited automatically.

Q7. Why have I been sent this IB50 Form?
A. I’ve already told you. We are going round in circles. [irony is lost on DWP employee]

Q8. OK I’ll ask another question. Why have I been threatened that I could lose
money if I delay in filling in and sending back this form?

A. Well, that’s just a general form we send out.

Q9. Are you saying that you send out forms to people, of which I’m one,
threatening that they could lose money, without checking whether your threat
is valid or not?

A. Well, it’s just a general form.

Q10. That dosn’t answer my question.
A. It’s the computer that sends them out. [I laugh]

Q11. So people who draw any of the benefits listed on the form are bullied into filling
it in whether they are obliged to or not.

A. No. I didn’t say that. [I get heated. Later apologize for shouting]
Please Mr. Brown, I’m trying to explain. [No, I'm afraid you are not. I'm getting the run-around]
Look. I’ve told you you don’t need to fill the form in. [I'm not going to]
If you aren’t happy, then write to the director. [I will]

The above is an extract of the conversation I had. Other questions I asked were:

Q. Why do I have to fill the form in in longhand? Why is there no form on the Web?
A. Er. They haven’t gotten round to doing that yet.

Q. Why not? It’s a PDF form. What is so difficult about putting on the Govt website?
A. Maybe there are technical reasons.

Q. Such as?
A. It may take a long time.

Q. I can upload PDF forms onto my website in a few seconds.
A. Sorry I can’t help you with the reason.

Q. Are you sure it isn’t political? Make the form as difficult to fill in as possible?
A. No. I’m sure it’s not that.

Q. On Page1 of the form. Why do you need me to write out my name address etc. when you already have these details?
A. Well that’s the way the form is designed.

Q On Page 2. You ask for the name and address of my Doctor. You already have that too, don’t you?

A. Yes.

Etc. Etc.

For the benefit (no pun intended) of those who have never received one of these forms. It comprises 20 A4-size pages of impertinence, which have been covered on other sites. One extract that amused me had the title ‘Fits or something like them’. Eeeh Doctor! Every now and again I take a funny turn!

IB 50 - Big Brother Bombast or Bureaucratic Bullshit?

IB 50 - Big Brother Bombast or Bureaucratic Bullshit?

If you are being pestered by either the DWP or Atos Origin to fill in an IB50 form. First of all, check the DWP’s assumptions. They have highjacked the word ‘benefit’ and turned it into a synonym for stealing taxpayers hard-earned cash. They make broad assertions on the IB50 form that may or may not be true. Don’t be frightened by their bluster and bullshit. Calmly check the facts first.
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