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Dear bottom-feeders,

Talk-Talk are giving you false information about me. Don’t waste your time or mine by following up on anything they provide you with, as it is very likely mis-information.

I have a BIG file of my correspondence with Tiscali over a LONG period last year. They have proved to be the most pitifully inept company I have ever had to deal with.

Now Mr. Talk-Talk has bought Tiscali. They sold him a lot of imagined debt., and he is so pi**ed off, he is pestering innocent people in an attempt to save face. Ignore him – his company is almost as bad as Tiscali was.

Here below is a sample of my dealings with Tiscali – one letter from me, and a one from them. You should read them. If you fail to, and don’t stop harassing me, I’ll take you to court and prosecute you under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Now go away and find yourself an honest job, like the rest of us.

JWB 6th Feb 2010

Copy of my letter to Tiscali, 3rd July 2009:

FAO: Attn. May Nacion
Tiscali Customer Relations

REF: 090701-002153/ 3rd July 2009

Dear Ms. Nacion,

You say in your letter how you ‘understand’ how frustrating this matter is for me. Let me tell you, you have no idea.
Your continued insistence that I forward to you proof of changing provider, and your admittance that even though I requested cancellation of all of Tiscali’s services including the telephone ‘does not automatically cancel a telephone service’ defies credibility. Why weren’t my requests answered and acted on by your customer services at the time? I’ll tell you why – your company couldn’t organise their way out of a paper bag – either then, nor apparently now.
No company, I’ll repeat that – NO COMPANY, has ‘taken over’ the line from Tiscali. My telephone service is supplied by a cable company, and does not use BT telephone lines.

My actions and responsibilities in the above are without fault. I cancelled the services of Broadband and Telephone. Your company’s failure to act on my requests is YOUR COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITY – How many times do I have to say this to you, before it eventually sinks in?

You persist in wasting my time and I’m done with that. There is also the matter of two outstanding invoices for previous effort you have needlessly put me to. I enclose yet another invoice in respect of this and I expect payment of all three invoices in full. I’m also preparing to publish all of the garbage that has been sent to me over the last two months on my website, so that others contemplating using Tiscali can judge for themselves whether they are indeed making a wise choice. All collated material will also be sent to your CEO, with my frank opinion on the appalling high-handed way that Tiscali treats it’s ex-customers.

Further, should I not receive a satisfactory conclusion, closure and full apologies, I will also hand the matter over to the industry’s Ombudsman, together with all of my emails from 15 months ago, and all of the stupid replies I received then.

I enclose a further invoice for my time and effort in preparing this reply. The amount should be made payable to my favourite charity Dr. Barnados. I should be obliged if you would ensure that payment is made to me within 7 working days. There are also two previous invoice which remain unpaid.


Now take a look at the following admission by Daniel Flanagan of Tiscali Customer Relations, that Tiscali are guilty of systemic failures in their running of customers accounts. Such behaviour is breathtaking, and they apparently weren’t capable of running a Church raffle, never mind a public telephone company.

Tiscali admits systemic failures in running cutomers accounts

Tiscali admits systemic failures in running cutomers accounts

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