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Dear Roxburghe Debt Collectors,

This morning (6th Feb 2010) I received the following letter:

More bottom-feeder shite

More bottom-feeder shite

It made me smile. Tiscali, have really shoved it up Talk-Talk, and Talk-Talk are pi**ed off, so are lashing about harassing innocent people over money they do not owe. Those of you that have already read in these page about Fredrickson International Ltd., will know the saga so far.

Mr. Tiley seems to have appointed himself as a lifestyle guru – see: ‘may require you to attend court to answer questions about your lifestyle.’ in the above.

Well, Mr. Tiley, I’m entirely happy with my lifestyle, but I’m a little concerned about yours. Most of us live honest lives, going about our own business, and attempting to be honest and fair in our dealings with other people. What do you think about the way that you are conducting your life Mr. Tiley?

I wrote Mr. Tiley an email, copied here below:

Dear Roxburghe Debt Collectors,

Ref: 22044333

So Tiscali-Talk-Talk have turned you over too?

Well I’m sorry, but this is yet another ‘debt’ they have sold you that you aren’t going to collect on. In fact, if you continue your harassment of me, it is YOU who will end up in court.
I do not owe Tiscali-Talk-Talk any money.

Now, take your self-important tone, and wander down to: ‘From Tiscali To Talk-Talk – Too Stupid, Incompetent or Greedy For Words?‘, on my website at:
where I have prepared an answer for you, and other bottom-feeders like you – mainly because I am a little tired of repeating myself.
While you are there, you might also be interested in my public response to your threatening letter of 2 February, which arrived this morning (6th Feb 2010) This can be found titled: ‘ Dear Roxburghe Debt Collectors,’ at:

J.W.Brown 6th Feb 2010

See also: ‘Dear bottom-feeders,’ at: where you will see the truth, and not the fairy-tales that Talk-Talk have been talk-talking to you.

JWB 6th Feb 2010

Will BT Stop Fredrickson International Abusing & Bullying You?
Will Virgin Media Stop Fredrickson International Abusing & Bullying You?
Will OFCOM Help Stop Fredrickson International Abusing & Bullying You?
Dear bottom-feeders, read Tiscali’s admission of systemic failure, and their apology to me.

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6 comments to Dear Roxburghe Debt Collectors,

  • Lisa Thacker

    I had exactly the same letter yesterday, but they are chasing me for £12.00, and Roxburge have added £24.00 in charges so the debt is £36.21. I called them yesterday as I was livid, they could not give me a satisfactory answer to what this mystery debt was for, Ifinished with Tiscali 2 years ago and paid the account in full. The told me they were going to terminate the call if I did not calm down, instead anger got the better of me and I calledthe agent a Joker and hung up, I am today going to write a very stong letter as your web page has inspired me to get back at these time wasters.

  • admin

    Hi Lisa,
    thanks for your comment, which I’ll add to the post. Tiscali sold TalkTalk a lot of ‘debt’ that wasn’t, but instead of pursuing Tiscal for fraud, which is what TalkTalk should be doing, they are trying it on with Roxburghe et al. A simple statement that the debt is not owed and tell them to leave you alone or take it to court should be sufficient. It is illegal for them to hassle you by mail/phone if you contest the debt in this way.
    Let me know how you get on.

    Regards from Joe.

  • Fred Wardle

    I have also had the same letter today demanding £38.01 from an tiscali account. I left tiscali a few months ago and reasonably disputed their final account as they had billed be for an add-on they had never provided. Tiscali were the worst organisation I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with and its not suprising that Talk Talk have bought a load of problems/debt.
    I was appalled that Roxburghe actually called us and demanded payment over the phone, I told the caller I had disputed the debt with tiscali, he did ask me for details of the dispute but I said they should refer to my correspondence with tiscali. Despite this he insisted I was “legally” bound to pay Roxburghe as the so called debt had been transfered to them. The phone call ended when I told him I would only consider it a legal obligation to pay them if ordered to do so by a county court judge.
    I was quite shaken by this unsoliceted phone call and its interesting, (allthough I did not know at the time) that under OFT guidlines it can be considered harrasment to pursue debts that have been settled or legitamaly disputed.
    I have written to Roxbrughe pointing out they have not provided any proof I owe them a debt and avising them I will consider phone/personal calls as threatened, harrasment.

  • Betty M

    The same thing has happened to me. I left Tiscali 2 years ago having returned all equipment and paid in full. Initially CARS were pestering me for a non existent debt but now it seems as though Roxburghe have taken over. I ignore all calls and all texts but this is becoming increasingly stressful.

    I did hear last week a report in the press regarding TalkTalk and Tiscali facing fines after charging for cancelled services. Anyone know any more on this?


    Joe replies:

    I haven’t heard Betty, but if it’s true I’m very pleased. Both companies are useless waste of space. As for the predatory Roxburghe, and other bottom feeders like them – don’t let them get to you. A simple letter stating you don’t owe anything, and instructions to them to stop pestering you is usually sufficient. Above all else, don’t be drawn into ‘phoning them – this will be at your cost.

    Regards, Joe.

  • Rich

    I have had dealings with this Roxburghe company, they are a joke!

    I urge everyone to just ignore the demands, they contacted me by phone (my mobile) and requested my date of birth and address/postcode, which I wouldn’t give – the response from the Roxburghe operator was I was being unhelpful and trying to be difficult so she would get their law dept to contact me. She was regressive and rude.

    I asked them to send me an invoice in the post ( I dont even know what I owe or who I owe it too) – they haven’t done so after 6 months.

    They continually called my mobile and now very occasionally send me texts as the last time a representative called me (I was on holiday on a beach) I told them my mobile phone is connected to a vibrating sextoy that I wear continually and their calls give me kicks! ;-)

    I have added all their numbers to a contact on my phone and set the ringtone as silent.

    Roxburghe is a pathetic excuse for a modern day company – I know they will give up soon – Wind em up I say!


  • admin

    Well said Rich!
    Treating them with contempt is exactly the right strategy.


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