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Will Virgin Media Stop Fredrickson International Abusing & Bullying You?

Apparently not – even if you are one of their customers.

I have today telephoned Virgin Media’s Nuisance Call service and met with a distinctly unhelpful response. So I wrote a letter to their CEO which I have copied below. I will report any replies on this page.

To CEO Virgin Media, Mr. Andrew Barron

Virginmedia Ltd
PO Box 50
M22 0BA

Dear Sir,

I have today called your Nuisance Call Bureaux to report the criminal abuse of the service you provide to me by the company Fredrickson International Ltd.
The lady I spoke to has said that your company cannot do anything about this, and she suggested I change my number and/or contact the TPS, or the police. I asked to be referred to her manager, but was told that ‘he couldn’t do anything about it either’.

Yesterday I reported the abuse to BT’s nuisance line, because it is their SMS messaging service which is being used by Fredrickson International Ltd. to harass me. A very unhelpful gentleman said he couldn’t do anything at all, because I wasn’t a BT customer, and referred me to yourselves.

Fredrickson International Ltd., is using the SMS text-messaging service, to wantonly harass innocent members of the public by bombarding them with SMS text messages exhorting them to telephone Fredrickson International Ltd.

As you are no doubt aware, making calls to individuals at inappropriate times, or in excessive number, is illegal. Further, using such methods to obtain money from individuals, when it is known by the perpetrator that the individual disputes a debt, constitutes physical and psychological harassment – also a criminal offence.

I would like you to inform me then, why it is that Virgin Media are not remotely interested when an attempt is made to report such abuse of the service they provide, by the victim of such an abuser.

Could you also tell me why you are apparently prepared to do absolutely nothing whatsoever when it is apparent that the telephone service you provide is repeatedly used by abusive bullies who bombard their chosen victims with SMS text messages, and fill up their answer-phone system until it crashes?

As a further comment it would seem that you are happy to advertise the fact that you aren’t interested in servicing reports of criminal abuse by not providing a choice on your website other than:

  • Persistent calls from organisations offering information.
  • Excessive wrong numbers, or calls at unsociable hours.
  • Malicious calls of an obscene nature.

Where is the category for reporting criminal abuse by organisations?

Don’t you care that both in deed and attitude, you are actively aiding illegality? Or is it simply now just down to basic greed?
Are you making so much money supporting these bottom-feeders that you simply don’t care about whom they are harassing?

I would like some answers to these questions. I will be proceeding against Fredrickson International Ltd. Your company’s part in this will be put before the court, and the attitude taken by yourselves, projected by your website and staff, will be reported also.

Sincerely Yours,


A copy of this missive has also been sent to the above address by snail-mail.

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Copy of letter above to CEO Virgin Media (PDF)

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6 comments to Will Virgin Media Stop Fredrickson International Abusing & Bullying You?

  • D Dawson

    We are harassed by Fredrickson International from 8am – 10pm, several times a day. It is only ever a recorded text message; whether you answer your phone or whether you return to find a message on your machine. They are a telepest and have no reason for calling us. It is extremely frustrating as I believe calling them back would come out of your own pocket. Their text message is somewhat threatening claiming “this is an urgent message, please call fredrickson international now”. They are, horrible, invasive people and not a scam I would think Virgin would want to be associated with supporting at all!

  • Neil Drisdale

    I am also being harrassed daily by Fredrickson Internatioinal by SMS, telling me it is urgent that I call a given telephone number, and to quote another set of numbers. I have also had a voice message left, after my phone rings just twice which then comes up as a missed call. There a very posh spoken lady tells me that if I am (and here she mentions a name) I should press 1, and if not should press 2. I have no intention of ever replying of course, as I have no wish to encourage this practice. I had never heard of this pesky company until I started getting these unwanted messages, and I would really like the practice to stop.

  • Naomi

    For months I’ve been receiving phone calls from people looking for ‘Maria Pritchard’. I have no idea who this is and tell them so everytiime, but they keep asking for details – how long I’ve had the phone, what address it’s registered to, my own name. I try not to give them anything but they are so manipulative! I always ask them to delete my number and never call again, and they assure me the number is deleted, but the calls keep coming.

    Now, since yesterday, I’ve been getting text messages from ‘Fredrickson International’ asking me to ring back urgently quoting a reference number. Apparently this is a debt collection agency. I have no debt whatsoever, so I’m sure this is a scam. Probably the number to call back will charge me £2 a minute.

    What the hell though? How are companies allowed to get away with this harrassment?

  • Ken Churchill

    I too have had dealings with this company BUT it is my 15 year old Daughter they are ringing and texting, i did infact ring them back quoting the number they leave only to be abruptly asked for the reference number then my full name, once they have decided i am not who they want to talk to they then quiz me on the number they sent the message to, i asked them should they not have that on screen next to the reference number only to get a shirty reply of they did not have access to this information so i told them to stop messaging my Daughter to take her number from their system or i shall seek legal advice for harrassing a minor, i was told they would remove this information from thier system BUT got no apology from them for the trouble they had caused, just another data input error i suppose eh !!!

    I would not mind but have no debts at all, we own our house outright, both cars are paid for we have no Bank loans, we dont use credit cards just cash so have no idea why they should need to contact us at all, anyways lets hope this is an end to it

  • M Sabio

    i have received an invoice from Fredrickson Ltd for the amount off £175.77 thay told me it is a debt from Carphone warehouse off which i have never had any dealings with Carphone warehouse today i went to carphone warehouse and showed them the debt letter and said to me it is a scam i have been bombarded with threatning phone calls for a debt that i dont know about and never had dealings with i am fed up with the threatning letters and phone calls and reported the matter to the London Constabulary for investigation

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