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From Tiscali To Talk-Talk – Too Stupid, Incompetent or Greedy For Words?

Have you been Ticalied?
Have you been Talk-Talked?

Tiscali used to be associated with a small village in Italy – now it is a synonym for a bunch of incompetent would-be Broadband suppliers, who couldn’t organise their way out of a paper bag, and who constantly made mistakes and blamed the results on their customers. This is the same bunch of to**ers whom when asked searching questions about the real speed of their broadband service, blamed everyone else including the BBC!

They are also the company I ditched about two years ago, when I was so pi**ed off with their service. I cancelled both Broadband and Telephone, and signed up with Virgin. Then nearly 18 months after, they informed me that my telephone account was in arrears and they threatened to suspend my service!!!

They were the company that ignored my letters to them, time after time.

They were the company that, when I got sick of their pestering, still persisted in harassing me for money, despite the fact that I had informed them that I would be billing them £60.00 per letter.

They were the company that finally admitted that they had f***ed up, and had simply ignored my instruction to cancel the service ‘because they were waiting for my new supplier to tell them’!!!

They were the company that despite admitting their outrageous systemic failures, offered nothing whatsoever in respect of time I had wasted sorting out their mess.

They were the company that ignored my invoices.

They were the company that Talk-Talk took over, so that the whole ghastly farce is being repeated again, with a new set of money-with-menaces demands.

Talk-Talk are the company that have availed themselves of the services of the bunch of bottom-feeders that are Fredrickson International Ltd.

Fredrickson International Ltd are a latter-day bunch of bounty-hunters, who openly flout the law in the pursuance of debt – either real or disputed.

Fredrickson International Ltd use BT.COM’s SMS text messaging system to bully and harass their victims illegally.

BT.COM provide this service to Fredrickson International Ltd., but aren’t interested in it’s abuse, as they obviously make money from it.

My own telephone service provider Virgin has been informed, and they aren’t interested either – maybe it’s just money to them too.

I decided to write to Talk-Talk’s new executive and ask him for his opinion on some of the above, and also to inform him that I am instituting proceedings against his company for the outrageous and illegal manner in which they have behaved.

I wrote the following to the CEO, Mr. Charles Dunstone on: 28th January 2010

Dear Sir,

Your company has seen fit to resurrect an imagined debt from my unfortunate period with the bunch of incompetent fools who were Tiscali.

Out of the blue a letter arrived from you on the 11th Nov. 2009 marked ‘Notice of Suspension’ and referring to an outstanding balance of £148.00. I ignored this and you sent me another copy of the same letter dated 28th November, which I also ignored.

The reason I ignored both of these letters is simple, and I’ll say it again, as I have in several other letters. I DO NOT OWE YOU ANY MONEY.

You have seen fit to employ the services of a bunch of bottom-feeders called Fredrickson International Ltd, and they subsequently wrote to me with a demand for payment, followed by a telephone call from someone called ‘Kaya’ or Kayna’. I informed her that I did not owe you any money, and that I had a letter from a Tiscali employee admitting that systemic failures in Tiscali were to blame, and not myself, and promising to clear up the problem.
I posted a copy of the Tiscali employee’s letter to them, and was rewarded with a bombardment of SMS Text messages again exhorting me to contact Fredrickson International .(at my expense) I only ever listened to one of these text messages, thereafter I simply ignored them. I re-sent the evidence of my non-debt, this time by recorded delivery.

A further letter arrived this time threatening court action if I didn’t pay up. I ignored this letter, and there followed another bombardment of SMS text messages on my landline from Fredrickson International, culminating in over 10 calls in rapid succession on Saturday 23rd January 2010, which overloaded and crashed my answering equipment.

As you are no doubt aware, making calls to individuals at inappropriate times, or in excessive number, is illegal. Further, using such methods to obtain money from individuals, when it is known by the perpetrator that the individual disputes a debt, constitutes physical and psychological harassment – also a criminal offence.

Some considerable time ago, I informed Tiscali that for every reply letter I wrote to them, I would be billing them £60.00. This barely covers my time for each letter. So there now remains the outstanding amounts you owe me, plus a further £60.00 for this letter.

I shall also be instituting proceedings against your company for supplying false information to a third party, being aware that I would be harassed for the imagined debt, and I will be seeking reparation for the illegal physical and psychological harrassment your pitifully inept company has put me through.

The part you have played in the criminal abuse of the public telephone network by Fredrickson International will also be reported as I am preparing criminal charges against them.

Let me quote you the letter I wrote on the 6th Jan to FI Ltd.:

Dear Sirs,

Despite my recent telephone conversation with ‘Kyna’ and sending you copies of recent correspondence with Tiscali, in which they admit that systemic failures in their own business are responsible for an unclosed account, you persist in writing to me, threatening court action.

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that copies of this correspondence have failed to reach you over the holiday period, and I am enclosing a further copy of these.

There is only one reasonable course of action you can now take, and that is to stop pestering me for money I do not owe. I am not interested in wasting any more of my valuable time, so be aware that any more threatening letters will be regarded by me as harassment, and you will find yourselves in court alongside Tiscali to answer to this.


You will be hearing shortly from my solicitors Mr. Dunstone

Yours Sincerely,


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