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Consumables, Suppliers & Warnings

There will be some items that you need to buy, this is unavoidable. So when you do need to purchase anything, consider its’ future use. If the item stores well, it may be a good idea to buy larger quantity packs, as these are inevitably cheaper in the long run. A word of caution here: Don’t store large quantities of imflammable liquids. Also, always read the label, and keep out of sight/reach of children – but you would do this anyway – wouldn’t you?
The two solvents I use mostly are methylated spirits (de-natured alcohol, or ‘meths’) and cellulose thinners. Both are reasonably cheap to buy, both are highly volatile, imflammable, and poisonous, so don’t store in large quantities.

The Stuff Where to get it Essential Information
Cellulose Thinners

Cellulose Thinners

Most decorator supply stores will stock this. I obtained this bottle in Wilkinsons.(in the UK)

Rustins Ltd.,
Waterloo Rd.,
London NW2 7TX.

Tel: 020 8450 4666
This stuff is very useful, but nasty! I use it to clean sticky glue from items, brush cleaning, and removing photo-resist during printed-circuit manufacture. This brand contains: Methyl Ethyl Ketone & Methyl Isobutyl Ketone. Don’t get it on any part of your body, always use in a well-ventilated space – outdoors if possible. Asthma-sufferers should avoid using this at all – get someone else to do the job for you! Paper with traces of this compound will remain highly imflammable until all the volatile oils are evaporated.
Methylated Spirits

Methylated Spirits

Again, most decorator supply stores will stock this. I obtained this bottle in Wilkinsons.(in the UK)

This used to cost about £1.50 last year. After oil prices doubled it went to £2.50, now that oil prices have slumped – it still costs £2.50. Welcome to rip-off Britain.
I use Meths to clean grubby paw-prints off CDs, and cleaning small metal parts of oil. I also use it in a small spirit-lamp.
Meths contains Methanol. It is extremely poisonous, imflammable and the vapour should not be breathed in. Treat this stuff with the same caution as for the thinners above.
A further warning: In brightly-lit areas, an alcohol flame can be essentially invisible, creating a potential hazard wherein persons can be burned by contacting flames they cannot see.

Don’t be tempted to recover pure ethanol from Meths, in an effort to make cheap Bacardi Breezers. Methanol boils over at roughly the same temperature as Ethanol, and unless you can closely control the temperature of your distillation process, you may end up poisoning yourself.

Treatment for Meths Poisoning
A counter-intuitive strategy for the treatment of Meths poisoning is to give the victim a very large shot of ‘proper’ alcohol, selected from any popular tipple, Whisky, Gin, Brandy etc. etc. Here is the science behind this outrageous solution: The toxicity of methanol is due to the accumulation of its metabolites — formaldehyde and formic acid. Because the metabolic pathways for ethanol and methanol share a common enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, ethanol can be used to treat methanol poisoning by blocking the enzyme until the body can excrete enough methanol through the kidneys, lungs and skin. In a documented case, a ship worker poisoned while cleaning out a methanol tank was successfully treated with administration of the ships’ Rum.
And, No, it’s not an urban myth.
Essential Sustenance

Essential Sustenance

No need to visit Australia to get this essential consumable, it is for sale in Tesco & Wilkinsons (here in the UK).
Dr. Barnados

Dr. Barnados Children Charity



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