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The Occasional Diarist – 13th Sep 2009

I think we have all heard the learned doctor’s reply to his patient who complains that ‘when I poke myself here, it hurts’.
Problem is – do we stop doing everything that we know will be emotionally challenging, simply for that reason, despite there being a good reason to continue?

I’m in the middle of working on a challengingly dark story. which has been ‘on the back burner’ for some time, and late last night I was completing some particularly grim sequences – a job I had to abandon because tears were streaming down my face. Foolish Boy! I hear some of you saying, and maybe so. But am I also foolish when I physically and emotionally enjoy capturing the more pleasant passages of the story?
I’ve given a lot of thought to this and finally I asked myself the question – if my writing dosn’t move me – in both a physical and emotional way, could I reasonably expect it to move anyone else? If not, I have failed, and the story is no more than a collection of words on the screen/paper.

In the past, knowing that my moods can be as changeable as the weather, I would normally try to avoid anything that would depress me even more, if I’m already depressed. But if the depression itself can give insight into subject matter, am I right to soldier on and capture it while I can? Or am I simply asking for trouble?

This Thursday is the third thursday in the month, and there is an MDF meeting in the evening which I will try to attend. I wonder what views the other members of the group might have?

JWBD4 13th Sep 2009

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