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The Occasional Diarist – 6th September 2009

Why should I be surprised anymore? I went on my Grand Tour over the last 2 weekends (and days in between) and had a lovely time seeing friends and relatives (who are also friends!). I tried to be on my best behaviour, but inevitably, aspects of my personality tended to leak on occasions – apologies to those concerned. Nevertheless I arrived back home weary but happy on Tuesday. Wednesday I was absolutely knackered – to be expected, but Thursday seen the ear infection that had been mild when I was away, flare up into a full-blown raging ache. Since then I’ve been squirting my ear with what smells remarkably like vinegar, and God knows what else, but it is only marginally better.

Despite having had a rash of correspondence with Tiscali over their demands for money with menaces and finally an apology from them, it started all over again with a demand for the same amount of money. I’m f***ing sick of this bunch of tossers, and I’m going ahead with my threat to publish every stupid letter I’ve had from them – watch Serial Failures ( for details.

Next, I’ve been freezing cold since returning home, as the weather resembles winter, not autumn. Then this morning I had difficulty getting out of bed, as an old instability in my lumbar spine has flared up again. For the first time in months I’ve had to start the day with a fist full of Tramadol and Robaxin. Add to this that I’ve had to spend the last 3 days both cleaning and protecting my websites from the latest WordPress worm, and I have to say that I’m now pretty unhappy, and feel inclined to pack a small bag and bugger off to Madeira, buy a little house out there and sell up here because I hate the cold and dark, of which there is much more to come this winter.

While down, I’ve a tendency to do things for all the wrong reasons, and yesterday only managed to stop myself from contacting a very attractive red-headed 62 year old woman on friends-over-fity, who looks like she could be a whole lot of fun. What stopped me? I need to fork out my £8.00 or so a month, and if I’m to pay for introductions I asked myself if I’m really ready again to do the dating thing for real. When in doubt – do nowt, is old Geordie advice, which – this time anyway – I’m going to follow. If I feel the same in 2 weeks she had better watch out though!

If anyone can see any bright spots for me to focus on, let me know, and I’ll direct my attention to them – instead of all the other crap. Meanwhile here’s a very Bipolar song for you. In this case up follows down! What a shame we can’t simply sing away all the awful trolls as apparently Finn Hanley did. Life ain’t so simple.

Down in the wood in the murky gloom
Trolls go marching two by two
Down through the cave and the mouth of doom
Down, down, down in the gloom, gloom, gloom
Hey kala ho kala ho la jai

But look!

Who should come by the mountain way?
Young Finn Hanley, A lute he play
Clothed in scarlet livery
All wide eyed in the bright noon day
Tiree tiraloo tiraloo i ay

Donovan Leitch (Listen to it? – here: Celtic Rock, from the Album ‘Open Road’)

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