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Are The Halifax Destroying Historical Documents?

Are YOUR Deeds ’safe’ in Halifax Deedstore? – As they promised?

Or do these important historical documents ‘no longer exist’, like my own House Title Deeds?

An article appearing in The Telegraph in 2001 highlighting the problems with digitization, expressed concern at the demize of the paper ‘history’ of your house.

Shame I didn’t read it then. Though [...]

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Have the Halifax destroyed YOUR Title Deeds?

I introduced myself to the man behind the glass and told him of my intention. “I would like to pay the £125 I owe you, and recover my deeds from Deedstore.”

He smiled and nodded. How would you like to pay Mr. Brown?”

“Will cash do?” I asked.

He smiled again. “Of course.”

I opened my wallet and counted [...]

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