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SFBV – I’ll Be Back

Songs for Broken Voices ™ © 2009/2010/2011/2012 J.W.Brown

Last updated 16th July 2012 by JWB

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The Follies of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

I turned, and we walked the short distance back to Carthowen’s overblown mansion, it’s grotesque kitsch borrowed from the styles of a hundred different worlds.
He halted suddenly when he saw Cilla and the hapless Carthowen, tethered by his neck ring to the rear of the saddle.
I laughed. “Don’t be afraid of her. She is here [...]

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Review of Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 (with GPS receiver)

Bought: 10th July 2012
Supplier: Amazon (UK)
Price: £56.97 (GBP) post & packing included

My old SatNav is a NavMan iCN 520 – bought back in 2003. It gave mixed results then and subsequently, but of course, the map – note singular – is now well out-of-date.
To purchase updated maps of both the UK and Europe, I’ve been [...]

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Toaday – I’m going to do something different

Don't you think I've carried you far enough?

This one should be called ‘Love in a garage’ – Thanks Phil.

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The Eee PC1025CE – Fastest Netbook in Cullercoats?

Review of Asus Eee PC 1025CE

Bought: 5th July 2012
Supplier: PC World, North Shields (No, Really!)
Price: £229.00 (that’s GBP)
Sales assistant: Patient and well-informed (a surprise given previous experiences at PC World)

Out of box experience:
Dismay at worthless ‘user manual’, but plugged in charger and switched it on.
Confusion and frustration as W7 setup rumbled on, expecting mouse movements, [...]

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Who is this Woman?

First some imperatives:
Listen to this: or:
Whilst reading this:

Et j’ecoutais longtemps couler l’eau des fontaines.
Et j’ecoutais le vent chanter infiniment.
Vagues de quietude et de paix d’aussi loin que je me souvienne.
L’enfance est un immense ocean.
Et je revais longues annees, longue indolence.
Ou rien ne se passe mais ou rien ne s’oublie.
J’allais sereine et sans connaitre [...]

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Guitar Chord Repositories

Over 1500 ready-made SVG guitar chords, either to download or use online

I resisted the temptation to make this post the 4th in the recent series: Guitar Chord Diagrams in SVG? It is a little more than that.
Over the 3 posts on SVG chords I’ve emphasized that my aim was to achieve an easy method of [...]

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