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Guitar Chord Diagrams in SVG? – Part 3

Now! Embed SVG chords directly in OpenOffice.Org Writer Documents!
Update 19th June 2012: Python SVG Chord generator code now available

Previous posts on this subject can be accessed by the following mini-menu:

Read part 1 of this topic
Part 2
Invoking the Chord Engine & what it produces.
Feeling left out? Chords for the left-handed player.
A sample auto-generated SVG Guitar [...]

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Parsing mixed content XML using Python

Python (is definitely) != snake_oil

I wanted to extract the formatted text from an Writer document, retaining the positions of words within the white space of the text.
Most folks are aware that these documents are xml ‘under the hood’ – .odt == .zip == collection of xml files etc.
Moreover, I wanted to use Python, with [...]

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Using a T4 Router as a High-Speed Spindle on the SIEG X1L Milling Machine

The TREND T4 variable-speed (11-32,500 rpm) router provides an affordable alternative to high-cost ER11, ER16 and ER20 High-speed spindles.

As part of my project to convert my SIEG Milling machine to CNC, I wanted to see for myself how easy it would be to fit a high-speed spindle to the Mill at reasonable cost. I have [...]

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