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Versatile SOIC PIC Programming Header

A small PCB allows for the out-of-circuit programming of 18 & 28 pin SOIC PIC Microcontrollers from either an ICSP programmer or ZIF socket.

Completed unit showing SOIC package guides made with wire bridges

A recent article in a popular electronics magazine presented a small printed circuit board for programming 18-pin SOIC PICs from a ZIF [...]

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DWP give Atos Origin access to your Health Records without asking you.

Lets get things straight. Atos Origin are an American-based IT-services company. Their record is no better than anyone else’s in respect of their observing the privacy of such records – mind you, probably not as bad as the Government themselves, who tend to leave copies everywhere for anyone to find.

I myself was unaware that my [...]

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Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are

The following is a copy of my letter to Mr. Origin today:

My Street
My Town
Tyne & Wear

14th September 2010

Ref: YL — – — -
Date 5th August 2010

Dear Mr. Atos Origin, or whoever you are,

Stop wasting my time and taxpayers resources by sending me letters exhorting me to fill in the IB50 questionnaire. I’m not going [...]

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IB50 – Big Brother Bombast or Bureaucratic Bullshit?

Warning by HM Government. This form can seriously damage your health.

DWP Threaten you could lose money by not completing IB50 form – even when this is patently NOT TRUE
Read transcription of my telephone call with DWP employee yesterday

Question/Answers to DWP employee on telephone at local Jobcentre.

Q1. Why have I been sent this IB50 form?
A. [...]

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Towards a better Guitar-to-MIDI Converter

Most Guitar-to-MIDI converters are a grave disappointment. Recently, I’ve been playing with the idea of adding electronic scanning to one of my guitars and using this to output MIDI – it works but has several disadvantages, not the least being that it involves irreversible surgery to a guitar. My prototype is a £35 (GBP) second-hand [...]

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