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Two projects – one conclusion.

A couple of things didn’t happen this week – yes, I know, many trillions of things did happen, but most of them were insignificant in the grand scheme of ‘even-bigger’ things.

First, scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider are starting to admit that the Higgs Boson is an even smaller needle in an even larger [...]

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Joe’s Soup Kitchen: 19th Nov. 2010

A stinking cold and sore chest, together with seasonal North-East England weather, brought thoughts of at least one hot, comforting, bowl of tasty soup each day foremost to my mind. Usually this means a ham or gammon shank, loads of dried pulses, onions and carrots. But I decided to do things differently this winter, giving [...]

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Digital Kitchen Timer for 79 pence? – Don’t be clucking silly!

Digital Kitchen Timer for 79 pence? – Don't be clucking silly!

Yep. It’s true.

Yep! It's true!

The out-of-packet experience is a very positive one. The unit is housed in a reasonably-tough plastic enclosure, and is light enough to bounce when I drop it on the floor. Setting the timer is a doddle. Use the ‘RESET’ [...]

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SAD? Light up your life with my DIY 200 watt mini-sun!

SAD light

After my experience in hospital just over a week ago, the house seemed dull and dark. I partially alleviated the problem in my workshop by mounting a 3-spot fitting over my head. (where I’m sitting typing this) Whilst the 150 watts of georgeous warm light shining down on me is wonderful, it came [...]

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Pre-Amplifier For Balanced Magnetic Guitar Pickup

This post is part 3 of the article ‘High Quality Guitar Pickups On A Shoe-string’, and discusses the fitting of an experimental balanced magnetic pickup to an acoustic guitar, together with a suitable pre-amplifier.

Balanced Magnetic Pickup Pre-Amp Schematic
Parts List for the Balanced Magnetic Pickup Pre-amp
Suggested Printed Circuit Board Design
Downloads: Project Files & Op-Amp Datasheet
Part 1: [...]

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High Quality Guitar Pickups On A Shoe-string

Making a great-sounding magnetic pickup out of scrap magnets.
Building It Yourself
Get Magnetised
Get Wired
Testing the experimental pickup
Amplifying the pickup output
Experimental Breadboarded Pre-Amplifier
Audio Testing
Building Mark I Pre-amp
Loud/Soft Footswitch
Fitting The Pickup
Tone Control
Schematics & Printed Circuit Boards
Downloads : Project Files & Op-Amp Datasheet
Downloads : Audio Test Tracks
Part 2: Ultra-Cheap Peizo Guitar Pickup For Acoustic Guitar
Part 3: Pre-amplifier for Balanced [...]

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The Hairbrush From Hell

Hairbrush From Hell

OK, it’s not from Hell, and you probably wouldn’t like to brush your hair with it. But if there are hairbrushes in Hell, I imagine they would look something like this. Basically it’s a nail sandwich on the end of a stick, which is really useful when laying carpets.
Sometimes known as a [...]

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Consumables, Suppliers & Warnings

There will be some items that you need to buy, this is unavoidable. So when you do need to purchase anything, consider its’ future use. If the item stores well, it may be a good idea to buy larger quantity packs, as these are inevitably cheaper in the long run. A word of caution here: [...]

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Table-Leg Paper-Towel Holder

Paper-Towel Holder

Even though this item uses almost all re-cycled stuff throughout, it wasn’t built expressly for that reason, rather it came about because I couldn’t find anything that fitted my requirements in the hardware/kitchen stores. Most Towel Holders are free standing, and to me that equates not only being moved so that it can’t [...]

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Ironic Dumbbells

Despite their popularity, the importance of dumbbells is often over-looked. With them you can perform basic exercises that will strengthen and tone most major muscle groups. Gym instructors advise you to start with a light-weight pair, then gradually work upwards.
A pair of 1Kg dumbbells will cost you around £6.00, depending where you buy them. My dumbbells cost about 30p. [...]

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